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I started at IHA in August of 2017, after a career as Administrator for Skilled Nursing Facilities. I met our owner, Dr. Pouya Afshar, 5 years ago when he was medical director at my first SD facility. We continued to work together and discuss ideas and concepts over the years so when I made the decision to leave SNF’s, he brought me in to run his company.

We specialize in providing health care providers (MD’s, NP’s) to the geriatric population, in their home. Our goal is to minimize the readmission rates to hospitals, service our elder population who cannot easily go to their provider’s office and ease the need for continuity of care. We provide in home labs, imaging and even telemetry monitoring which not only saves a patient’s time, resources and discomfort but also allows for closer monitoring and better care.

About Me

I graduated from The University of California, Irvine with a degree in Biological Sciences, with the goal of pursuing medical school. It was after I worked with ScribeAmerica, in emergency rooms with physicians, that I discovered my love for the business side of medicine. I made the decision to abort my physician pursuits and redirected my education towards business management. I graduated from the Paul Merage School of Business at UCI and from there, went on to get my Nursing Home Administrator License. Since 2012, I have served as Administrator for various SNF’s and have attained a robust foundation in long term care.

These Are The Services I Can Help You Learn About:

  • My focus is on healthcare and specifically, long term care. I am a resource for those who need providers and also for those that need guidance on options and case management.

A Good Referral For Me…

Anyone who is in need of long term care help/solutions (for the consulting side). For those that cannot get in to see their physician or don’t even have a way to get there, we are their answer.

Organizations, Certifications & Affiliations

  • SD Connect (tracks patients when they go to hospitals and notifies us if our patients land in the ER)

  • HSAG (Health Services Advisory Group)

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