About Us

Professionals with Purpose (PWP) was officially founded in 2017, but many of the group’s members had been formally involved in a lead sharing group together since 2014. The primary goal of the group is to foster relationships within, and business for, group members. As a non-profit, we also aim to use our network, time and resources to support charitable organizations and causes in San Diego.

We believe success is the result of hard work, but we also know that it often helps to know the right people. The professionals in our group are experts in their chosen field, and their introductions carry that distinction. We are students and teachers, and gain much more than the referrals we receive from other group members. Involvement in the PWP is no small commitment, but we are rewarded with knowledge and insight into many of San Diego’s local industries by taking part on a weekly basis.

We believe strongly in giving back. We have been blessed with success in our chosen fields by the many people who helped us get here, and it’s our duty to give back to others who deserve a chance too. You’ll see our involvement in the San Diego community continue to grow as we develop and gain new members.

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Contact Us

We kindly ask that you provide us with full contact details, and that you please include the category of business that you would wish to represent in our group, should you be accepted as a member. Members have exclusive rights to their business category.

Attire is professional. Breakfast is included.